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Elizabeth White

Current residence: Wilson, NC
Birthdate: March 20, 1971
Career Highlight: 2006 Jr. National Overall Figure Winner, earning Pro status

I am a Health and Fitness Specialist. Graduate of ECU in Greenville, NC, with a degree in Health and Sport Science.

First taste in competing was the Gold's Classic Bodybuilding Competition in 1998, placing 2nd. Weight training and bodybuilding burned in my soul! Have loved it ever since. Improving my physique and helping others to achieve their goals was my focus.

In 2001-2002 I gave birth to two children. My son , William, is now 6 and daughter, Danielle, is now 4.

By this time, figure competition had come into existence. My husbands encouragement and support and my competitive nature set the course. I had to give it a shot! In 2004 I entered my first figure competition and placed 1st and won overall. It was on then!! I instantly had a passion and love for the sport. Not just in competing, but also as a challenge to better myself.

Since then, I have competed in ten other competitions, the highlight was winning overall at Jr. Nationals 2006. Turning Pro being the sweet victory, but also to honor my father, who I lost to cancer in 2000. Jr. Nationals was held Father's Day weekend. Winning made it extra special as I celebrated him along with my accomplishment. Competing at the Pro level has been an exciting challenge. The sense of achievement and obtaining my goals is so rewarding. Remaining at the top of the competitions, I look forward to the future.

I have been personal training on and off for about ten years now. I currently train at the YMCA in Wilson. The biggest struggle is keeping a balance between my family, work, and competitions, but I do feel SO BLESSED!

I have taken time off from competing to focus on my family and make improvements in my physique. Look forward to the upcoming year.