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Michael Valentino

Major Titles:

• 2002 N.P.C. National Championships, Light Heavyweight Champion
• 2000 N.P.C. USA Championships, Middleweight Champion
• 1996 N.P.C. Junior USA Championships, Middleweight and Overall Champion
• 1984 N.P.C. Collegiate National Championships, Light Heavyweight and Overall Champion

I remember the first time I saw Mike Valentino onstage at the 2000 USA Championships. The middleweight class was already onstage as I entered the back of the auditorium and I remember being able to see the striations in one competitor’s quads and hams from over 200 feet away. As I got closer, the rest of the picture filled in until I could see crazy detail…everywhere. Yep, Mike was simply peeled from head to toe, front to back, as he walked with the class and his third national title. Two years later, he went on to win his class at the Nationals and turn pro, giving him four national titles spanning 20 years of competing. He probably has the most detailed, methodical approach to achieving his trademark muscularity of any athlete that I’ve interviewed. And, most importantly, one look at “Mike V” tells you that it works.

Take a look at Mike's blueprint for getting into crazy condition!
The PreContest Bible