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Patrick Richardson

I was born on December the 20th 1976 in Sanford, NC. In high school I wrestled and played many other sports, including baseball, soccer, and football. Inevitably wrestling convinced me of the importance of lifting weights and conditioning. During high school I was able to take a class in weight training. I immediately fell in love with it. (I was one of the strongest guys in my school pound per pound!) The feeling that I got from weight training was like no other. It gave me great confidence and self esteem. After high school was over I continued to lift weights but not with the same intensity.

When I was 20 years old I moved to Raleigh, NC. I was trained as a jeweler, repairing and making custom jewelry, and I finally received a terrific job offer in Raleigh. After moving to Raleigh I noticed how much better all of the gyms were equipped. I also saw how people in this area were much more into fitness and bodybuilding than in my home town. This motivated me to start training again with maximum intensity. I would diet down in the summer - you have to look good at the beach, after all. Many people would approach me and ask me if I was a bodybuilder and if I competed. After talking with an older friend who had competed and who agreed to help coach me with the mandatory poses, I decided to compete. When I did my first show in (2000) I came in looking the best I had ever looked in my life thus far. I won my weight class and the overall!! From then on I was addicted to bodybuilding. I began to read and learn more about nutrition and the benefits of supplements. I got so involved in nutrition and bodybuilding that I found myself spending every free moment doing research on how to improve my body and my nutrition. I was determined to get to the next level.
Finally, I knew I needed to follow where my passion and my successes were leading me.

After 12 years of being a jeweler, I made a career change and accepted an offer to manage a successful local nutrition store here in Raleigh. Since then I have become much more knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition and supplementation, as well as the demands of competition at the national level. I have done my own diets, workouts, and routine music for the last four years. In 2004 I earned my Pro Card by taking 1st in the lightweight class at the NPC Nationals in Dallas. I went up against 26 guys in my class, all of whom looked great. I never ever thought I would have been able to compete so successfully at this level. It was a dream come true. Currently I am adding more quality mass in preparation my first pro show in 2006.

In February of 2006 I opened my own supplement store ( All Pro Nutrition Inc.). We specialize in all of the hard to find hard core athletes sports nutrition products and sale them at wholesale prices to the Public. We are on average about 30-40% off of retail prices.

I have been building my inventory here at my store to cater to what my customers wants and needs. I continue to work with several top National level athletes to help them with there diet and nutritional information to help them reach there personal goals.
I love the sport of bodybuilding. I am committed to helping people reach their daily goals in the gym by giving them nutritional advice and support. I am very fortunate to be a part of Team Prolab, and thus to be in a position to educate people of all ages and levels about the benefits of supplementation. I hope to make enough gains to eventually be able to walk on the Olympia stage with all of the best bodybuilders in the world. That would by my greatest dream come true!

I want to relay the message to everyone out there that you can achieve anything in life if you give it 100%, stay focused on your goals, and avoid all negativity. This was the wise message I received from my friend who got me into bodybuilding. It changed my life. It can change yours.

Patrick Richardson