Review of The 2003 NPC

NC State

Bodybuilding Championships




The 2003 NPC North Carolina State Championships was a battle till  the end and as usual, our talent came out in full force to provide an exciting competition.  Many of the finalist who qualified are heading to Charleston for the Jr. USA championships coming up April 12th.

North Carolina will be extremely competitive at that event and I look forward to seeing many of our competitors bring home some hardware!


Our Figure competition was divided up into two classes, Class A, under 5’3” and Class B Over 5’3”.  Both divisions had 6 entries and the top 5 qualified for National level competition. 

Placing's went as follows:

            Class A

                        5th Place           Susan Lennon

                        4th Place           Kristen Lowe

                        3rd Place           Amy Stearns

                        2nd Place          Tammy Jolly

                        1st Place           Katrina Embry


            Class B

                        5th Place           Lisa Brewer

                        4th Place           Amy Huber

                        3rd Place           Julie Childress

                        2nd Place          Stephanie Braxton

                        1st Place           April Jacobs


Overall Winner April Jacobs


Congratulations to all the finalist and to April in her first Figure competition.  April was our State Fitness Overall winner in 1999.  She is planning on competing in the Jr. USA coming up in Charleston.


The Fitness division also was divided into Class A and B.

Placing's went as follows:

            Class A

                        2nd        Kristen Lowe

                        1st        Tonya Burkhardt


            Class B

                        1st        Leslie Newton


Overall Winner Tonya Burkhardt


The Women's Open division was divided into 3 weight Classes.  The top 2 in each class qualify for National Competition.  Ann Dana, runner up in the lightweights last year, moved up a weight class.  Ann won the middleweights in a tough 1 point decision battle over Lisa Jolly.  She then went on to win the Overall title. Ann will be competing in the Jr. USA.


            Light Weight up to and including 118

                        5th Place           Marilyn Long

                        4th Place           Amy Spears

                        3rd Place           Britt Miller

                        2nd Place          Denise Shepherd

                        1st Place           Karin Adkins


            Middle Weight 118 ¼ up to and including 132

                        3rd Place           Diane Mumford

                        2nd Place          Lisa Jolly

                        1st Place           Ann Dana


            Heavy Weight over 132

                        3rd Place           Victoria Paylor

                        2nd Place          Pamela Rodgers

                        1st Place           Gloria Mc Knight


OverAll Winner and Posedown pic1 pic2


The Men’s Open competition was very competitive as usual.  The top 2 in each weight class qualifies for National competition and may were here just to do that for the upcoming Jr. USA championships in Charleston, SC.

The Light Heavyweights were packed full with 20 contestants!!!  Van Anthony, a veteran competitor on North Carolina physique contests and a former Masters State Champion took a one point decision over North Carolina’s newest rising star, Shaun Crump.  Both Van and Shaun looked great!  The judges battled on their two physiques with Van getting the nod on this day.  Exciting to know that they will be both battling it out again on stage at the Jr.USA’s next week and I hope North Carolina comes away with a one two finish there also  with these two great champions.  The Overall was another battle.  All the class winners looked great.  In the end Van Anthony was crowned the 2003 Overall NC State Champion.


Congratulations to all the competitors and good luck in future contests.


Bantamweight- up to and including 143 ¼

                        3rd Place           Adam Bolen

                        2nd Place          DiCarlos Ford

                        1st Place           Brent Woods


Lightweight- 143 ½ up to and including 154 ¼

                        5th Place           Larry Anderson

                        4th Place           John Turner

                        3rd Place           Dana Lassiter

                        2nd Place          Tony Harris

                        1st Place           Patrick Richardson


Middleweight- 154 ½ and up to including 176 ¼

                        5th Place           Scott Masten

                        4th Place           Walt Brandenburg

                        3rd Place           Rich Burke

                        2nd Place          Milton Ward

                        1st Place           Marc Jacobs


Light Heavyweight- 176 ½ up to and including 198 ¼

                        5th Place           Patterson Bryant

                        4th Place           Owen Lucas

                        3rd Place           Jason Wojciechowski

                        2nd Place          Shaun Crump

                        1st Place           Van Anthony


Heavyweight- 198 ½ up to and including 225 ¼

                        4th Place           Monte Nichols

                        3rd Place           Keith Brown

                        2nd Place          Dennis Hurst

                        1st Place           Mike Wolbert


Super Heavyweight- 225 ½ +

                        5th Place           Brian Rockhart

                        4th Place           Patrick McCoy

                        3rd Place           Mark Ray

                        2nd Place          Stephen Greenbaum

                        1st Place           Malcolm Marshall


Overall- Light Heavyweight-                 Van Anthony


Overall Winners pic1 pic2