The North Carolina NPC always welcomes individuals interested in becoming an official judge. The process involves a qualifying exam, which is composed of two parts - a practical test of your ability to evaluate and score competitors, and a written test of your knowledge of NPC rules and regulations. The guidelines for getting started are outlined below.

Please email me (northcarolinanationalpc@gmail.com) a "bio" of your background and interest as it pertains to being considered for becoming an NPC judge. This should/can include a variety of topics, ie: any contest competing history, coaching competitors, certifications and or degrees in related fitness/exercise fields along with your reasons for wanting to become a judge. You should go to the National website and read over and become familiar wiht the "NPC Rules and Guidelines". This can be found on our "Rules" link on the homepage.

When apprentice judging you will be sitting in the judge's area, scoring the event along with the official judges. The Apprentice Judge Coordinator will instruct you on how to properly fill out your scoring sheets. Every judge should score the contestants on their own opinion, using criteria established by the NPC. Judges should minimize communication between themselves, but they can confer with the head judge if necessary. For example, a judge can ask the head judge to view the contestants from different positions in the line up, or ask to have particular competitors called out into the line up.

After prejudging, the Apprentice Judge Coordinator will take up your paperwork and calculate your scores relative to the official judging scores that day. You must apprentice judge 3 contests. One of the contests must include the North Carolina State Championships.

To pass the practical part of the Apprentice Judging, you must score a minimum of 85% relative to the official judges' scoring in each of the 3 contests that you apprentice, including the State Championships.

The next step is to arrange to take a written test at one of the contests. This exam covers NPC rules and regulations. The written exam can be taken at any of the contests that you are apprenticing provided you first make arrangements with the Apprentice Judge Coordinator. You must achieve a minimum score of 85% on the written test. After satisfactorily completing the practical and written tests you are officially qualified to judge.

Please feel free to conact me with any further questions.

NPC District Chairman for North Carolina

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